"Who builds a house during a pandemic?
We did. Our experience with LS homes was nothing short of amazing. We meet at our convince and as often as we needed. The entire team is A+ . They listened to every request with willingness to build our dream home.
Jen Cushing was the rock that we needed to pull everything together with selling our old home and building our new one. She is very responsive and a big help in the decorating details.
When you trust a company with your building your dream home you create a friendship from start to finish. We consider the LS team our friends."

- Diana Walk

Construction on a new home was not something we were looking forward to, especially on the heels of a global pandemic and massive supply chain issues. However, when we found this property, construction had already started and Jennifer and Lander were awesome right out of the gate! The whole team at LS Homes jumped right in to ensure the sale went smoothly and they took the time to fully understand exactly what we wanted. They actually listened to what WE wanted. Throughout the process of the construction of our home, Lander, Jennifer and Brad were all there, every step of the way. They helped us navigate all of the changes we wanted to make both in the home as well as throughout the property. We bought it not only for the home, but for the yard and they knew how important that was to us. Our situation was pretty unique and required a lot of extra time and effort on their part and they made the process enjoyable. Without their diligent effort, I’m sure it wouldn’t have gone as smoothly as it did. They consistently demonstrated knowledge, patience, and an unwavering drive to meet all of our needs (even when those needs changed quite frequently).

Thank you Lander, Jennifer and Brad and the entire team at LS Homes! We feel at home because of everything you did for us!

- Ron & Nicole Hilton

Jennifer and the entire team at LS homes were amazing to work with!! Jennifer was with us every step of the way and provided invaluable advice on design selections. She ensured that the entire process was seamless and that we stayed within our budget. We strongly recommend Jennifer and LS homes.

- Olive and Marcellus